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How to Become an English Ninja in No Time

Everyone writes important messages every day. Whether it is a report for a client, important e-mail to a colleague, school essay or just quick get-in-touch with your love, you want your English to be perfect, rich and without any issues. I will show you a tool Grammarly, that will check everything for you – spelling mistakes, grammar problems, and writing style. It will also help you to fine tune your text to be sexy and appealing.

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10 Days Blog Challenge #8 – Choosing My Own Adventure

This post is three days delayed. But I did it intentionally. Why? Because the task for the eighth day is to go out and do some mini adventure, I was looking forward to for quite a while but never found a time to do it. I was not able to find anything I desperately wanted to do, and thus I was struggling to do this challenge. But then it hit me! I have some mini-challenges in progress all the time, and there is a particular one that I am struggling with. Continue Reading

10 Days Blog Challenge #Day7 – Beating Procrastination And Overwhelm

Today is about finding imperfect actions I could take every single day that could help me get closer to the life I have imagined. To be honest, this is a tough task for me regarding actually doing those things. I always had some skills I would like to acquire and the desired body shape, but I have never managed to stay persistent and pursue those dreams long enough. And when I was able to do it, I quit anyway. I have never had a single routine that I will do every day for at least two consecutive years. Continue Reading

10 Days Blog Challenge #Day5 – Perfect Success Plan

Today is Day 5 of 10DBC, the challenge I have enrolled to and already maintained to write 4 blog posts in 4 days. I am about to write about my Perfect Success Plan – the period of the day when I get my work done. I have to be efficient and focused as my Success Plan Work Day consist only from 3,5 hours. This means 5 Pomodoro sessions at average which is not that much. So how I do it? Continue Reading

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